Than Than Aye (Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar)

As a young gastroenterologist and endoscopist in Myanmar, it is very fortunate for me to have the opportunity to join AYEA 2017. I have got a lot of advanced knowledge during this training program such as EMR, ESD, ERCP and EUS and chance of sharing knowledge and experiences from Korean experts as well as experts from other parts of the world. I would like to thank my supervisor, all doctors and staffs from Gastroenterology Department of Pusan National University Hospital for their hospitality, kindness and great help. This program allows me to have good connection and friendship between gastroenterologist from South Korea and around Asia so I am looking forward for future participation and contribution.
Evangeline P. Capul (Philippine General Hospital, Philippines)

I have been trained at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital under Dr. Jae Myung Park and Dr. Han Hee Lee. They were very hardworking and admirable mentors who saw to it that there was maximum learning during the two-week program. The other consultants, fellows, and nurses were very accommodating and helpful. The Gastrointestinal Clinic was equipped with state-of-the-art endoscopy machines operated by skilled doctors, which provided an ideal set-up for patient management. Attending the GI and multidisciplinary conferences also enlightened us on the management of patients at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital. The two-week program was very organized in such a way that we were able to rotate and observe different procedures under distinguished professors who shared valuable endoscopic techniques and clinical pearls. The Young Endoscopist Forum was a memorable opportunity for us to interact with other awardees and to experience hand-on endoscopic training. AYEA 2017 has truly provided me with a fruitful experience which widened my perspective in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy. As I have been blessed by my AYEA 2017 experience, I pray that I may be a blessing to others as well as a pediatric gastroenterologist.
Prakash Shahu (Lamjung District Community Hospital, Nepal)

The AYEA program is actually recruiting a new generation for the endoscopic era by providing such an excellent platform and various types of opportunity in this field. My training in Severance Hospital, Seoul was so special and unique because of the people who taught me generously. I specially thank Professor Won Ho Kim and his entire team.
I had wonderful learning experiences with them.
I also enjoyed with other participants in sharing different experiences and knowledge regarding endoscopy. Today my hospital is providing regular endoscopy service because of this training. Finally; this training helped me to develop my skills, knowledge regarding endoscopy and opportunity to serve people of rural area of my country who have difficult access for endoscopy. Thus I highly recommend such training for young endoscopist.
Su Su Hlaing (Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar)

AYEA program was only 2 weeks but I learned a lot of advance knowledge and technical skills such as NBI, EMR, ESD, ERCP and EUS. I would like to thank all the doctors and staff of Gastroenterology department, Seoul St. Mary's Hospital for their help and kindness.
I got a lot of knowledge from IDEN 2017 program. Thank you very much for Korean Society of Gastroenterology Endoscopy and Korean Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Research Foundation for giving me an opportunity for Training in AYEA 2017.
Gian Carlo A. Carpio (University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Philippines)

As a starting Gastroenterologist and Endoscopist, our goal is to get us much knowledge and experience as we can to improve our field. I think that the AYEA is an excellent program for this. It exposes us to the best endoscopists not only in Korea, but the world, as well as, show us the latest innovations and advancements in endoscopy. Learning from no less than Professor Jong-Ho Moon and his team in Soonchunhyang University Hospital in Bucheon, I was greatly impressed and inspired by the efficiency, skill and generosity of my mentors. This program also gave us the opportunity to work with a diverse set of doctors from different countries and inculcated in us a sense of unity in always striving to improve our profession. Again, thank you very much for this opportunity. It is truly an honor to be a part of AYEA 2017 and the memories of this experience will last a lifetime.
Abid Showkat Zargar (Cancer Society of Kashmir, Srinagar, India)

The AYEA program is a great initiative on the part of the KSGE to promote endoscopy in general. It provides an excellent platform to the young endoscopists from other parts of Asia to learn from the best. The quality of endoscopic work being done in South Korea is exceptionally high and it was a great learning experience for me. I was able to see advanced endoscopic procedures like ESD, EUS guided biliary interventions and this experience has broadened my vision as far as gastrointestinal endoscopy is concerned.
I would like to thank the AYEA organizing team for this opportunity. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the consultants, nurses, fellows and other staff of Hanyang Univeristy Guri Hospital, who were very accommodating and helpful. I specially thank Professor Kyo-Sang Yoo for his fantastic helping and teaching attitude. The whole program was quite nicely organized and it gave me a good opportunity to interact with other gastroenterologists from Korea and other parts of Asia. I strongly recommend the AYEA program for the young Asian endoscopists.