June 30 (Sat)
09:00-10:40 Live I : Live Demonstration I (UGI & LGI)
Moderators : Jong-Jae Park (Korea University, Korea)
Haruhiro Inoue (Showa University, Japan)
Bo-In Lee (The Catholic University of Korea, Korea)
- Jeong-Sik Byeon (Asan Medical Center, Korea)
- Joo Young Cho (CHA University, Korea)
- Dong-Hoon Yang (Asan Medical Center, Korea)
11:10-12:40 GIS-I : Advanced Endoscopic Imaging in GI Tract
Moderators : Yong Woon Shin (Inha University, Korea)
John J. Vargo (Cleveland Clinic, USA)
Hyun Yong Jeong (Chungnam National University, Korea)
11:10-11:30 GIS-I-1 Volumetric Laser Endomicroscopy for Barrett's Esophagus John J. Vargo Cleveland Clinic (USA)
11:30-11:50 GIS-I-2 Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy in Early Gastric Cancers Jun Chul Park Yonsei Univeristy (Korea)
11:50-12:10 GIS-I-3 Endocytoscopy in Colorectal Tumors Yuichi MoriShowa University (Japan)
12:10-12:30 GIS-I-4 Molecular Imaging in Colorectal Tumors Seung-Jae MyungUniversity of Ulsan (Korea)
12:30-12:40 GIS-I-D Discussion  
14:00-15:30 UGS-I : Quality of Endoscopy in Upper GI Tract
Moderators : Myung-Gyu Choi (The Catholic University of Korea, Korea)
Sachin Wani (University of Colorado, USA)
Joon Seong Lee (Soonchunhyang University, Korea)
14:00-14:20 UGS-I Quality Indicator of Upper Endoscopy: Western Aspect Sachin WaniUniversity of Colorado (USA)
14:20-14:40 UGS-I-2 Quality Indicator of Upper Endoscopy: Eastern Aspect Jae Myung ParkThe Catholic University of Korea (Korea)
14:40-15:00 UGS-I-3 E-Learning System and Train the Trainer Course to Improve Diagnostic Performance for Early Gastric Cancer Kenshi YaoFukuoka University Chikushi Hospital (Japan)
15:00-15:20 UGS-I-4 Interval Gastric Cancer Chan Hyuk ParkHanyang University (Korea)
15:20-15:30 UGS-I-D Discussion
15:50-17:20 UGS-II : [Asian Network] Emergency Endoscopy: Basic to Cutting Edge
Moderators : Sang-yong Seol (Inje University, Korea)
Philip WY Chiu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Soo Teik Lee (Chonbuk National University, Korea)
15:50-16:10 UGS-II-1 Endoscopic Removal of Foreign Body in Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Heung Up Kim Jeju National University (Korea)
16:10-16:30 UGS-II-2 Endoscopic Management of Petic Ulcer Bleeding Philip WY Chiu The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
16:30-16:50 UGS-II-3Endoscopic Management of Esophageal Varices Gin-Ho Lo E-Da Hospital (Taiwan)
16:50-17:10 UGS-II-4 Endoscopic Management of ESD Complications Kouichi NonakaSaitama Medical University (Japan)
17:10-17:20 UGS-II-D Discussion
July 1 (Sun)
07:30-08:10 Breakfast with the Experts
07:30-08:10 Moderator : Jong Sun Rew (Chonnam National University, Korea)
BE 1 Diagnosis of Early Gastric Cancer: Present and Future Kenshi Yao Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital (Japan)
07:30-08:10 Breakfast with the Experts
07:30-08:10 Moderator :Hyojin Park (Yonsei University, Korea)
BE 2 Learning Curve of Bariatric Endoscopy: How to Train Gastroenterology Fellows as Baratric Endoscopists? Christopher C. Thompson Harvard Medical School (USA)
08:30-10:00 UGS-III : Update in Subepithelial Tumors in Upper GI Tract
Moderators : Sang Woo Lee (Korea University, Korea)
Haruhiro Inoue (Showa University, Japan)
Soo-Heon Park (The Catholic University of Korea, Korea)
08:30-08:50 UGS-III-1 Natural History of Subepithelial Tumors: Resection or Observation D. Nageshwar ReddyAsian institute of Gastroenterology (India)
08:50-09:10 UGS-III-2 Endoscopic Resection for Subepithelial Tumors: How far Can We Go? Haruhiro InoueShowa University (Japan)
09:10-09:30 UGS-III-3 Is Endoscopic Resection for GIST Really Safe? Kee Don ChoiUniversity of Ulsan (Korea)
09:30-09:50 UGS-III-D1 Case-Based Discussion Kyoung-Oh KimGachon University (Korea)
09:50-10:00 UGS-III-D2 Discussion
10:30-12:00 UGS-IV : [KSGE-ASGE] Endoscopy and Bariatric Treatment in Patients with Obesity
Moderators : Hyungkil Kim (Inha University, Korea)
Christopher C. Thompson (Harvard Medical School, USA)
Hoon Jai Chun (Korea University, Korea)
10:30-10:50 UGS-IV-1 Endoscopy in Patients with Obesity: Problems and Focusing Yang Won MinSungkyunkwan University (Korea)
10:50-11:10 UGS-IV-2 Sedation in the Bariatric Patients: How Safe in the Current Practices? John J. VargoCleveland Clinic (USA)
11:10-11:30 UGS-IV-3 Current Status of Endoscopic Bariatric Treatment in Korea Sung Kwan ShinYonsei University (Korea)
11:30-11:50 UGS-IV-4 Current Status of Endoscopic Bariatric Treatment in United States Christopher C. ThompsonHarvard Medical School (USA)
11:50-12:00 UGS-IV-D Discussion
13:00-14:30 UGS-V : Current Management of Esophageal Neoplasms
Moderators : Young-Tae Bak (Korea University, Korea)
Hisao Tajiri (Jikei University, Japan)
Joo Young Cho (CHA University, Korea)
13:00-13:20 UGS-V-1 Detection and Pretreatment Evaluation of Barrett's Cancer Yorimasa Yamamoto Showa University (Japan)
13:20-13:40 UGS-V-2 Detection and Pretreatment Evaluation of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Gwang Ha KimPusan National University (Korea)
13:40-14:00 UGS-V-3 Endoscopic Treatment and then ... in Barrett's Cancer Sachin WaniUniversity of Colorado (USA)
14:00-14:20 UGS-V-4 Endoscopic Treatment and then ... in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Hyuk LeeSungkyunkwan University (Korea)
14:20-14:30 UGS-V-D Discussion
14:50-16:20 UGS-VI : Time to Look Back on ESD for EGC
Moderators : Sei Jin Youn (Chungbuk National University, Korea)
Noriya Uedo (Osaka International Cancer Institute, Japan)
Oh Young Lee (Hanyang Univ. Korea)
14:50-15:10 UGS-VI-1 Advance and Retreat in ESD Indications in Early Gastric Cancer Seiichiro AbeNational Cancer Center Hospital (Japan)
15:10-15:30 UGS-VI-2 Effort to Reduce Unsuccessful ESD: My Experience Hwoon-Yong JungUniversity of Ulsan (Korea)
15:30-15:50 UGS-VI-3 What Is Ideal Follow-Up after ESD? Noriya UedoOsaka International Cancer Institute (Japan)
15:50-16:10 UGS-VI-D1 Case-Based Discussion Soo-Jeong ChoNational Cancer Center (Korea)
16:10-16:20 UGS-VI-D2 Discussion